Announcing Convertigo 6.0

We are proud to announce general availability of Convertigo 6.0, codename “Oxygen!”

One of the key themes for this major release is performance optimization.  Because enterprise integration projects are getting larger every day, we noticed that Convertigo Studio operations were taking more and more time for developers. With this version 6.0, project tasks such as loading and saving are 4 times faster than before, and copy/paste operations on branches can be up to 20 time faster.

Along the same theme of optimization, we decided to put Convertigo Studio on a “diet.” We noticed that the studio download and installation time was to high, which was caused in part by our documentation.  So in this new release, we extracted the documentation, which reduces the studio by 400MB in size.  But don’t panic — documentation is easily accessed on our Web site, thanks to the Eclipse Info Center remote help technology.

Along with these performance improvements we also added the following new features and enhancements:

  • Sequence input variables are now directly visible within the source picker, avoiding the need to use jElement steps to use them within the sequence.
  • A global proxy configuration for all projects within a Convertigo Server. This avoids complex proxy configurations and modification of the project’s property proxy settings if a project is deployed on a different Convertigo Server.
  • Convertigo Sequencer now has specific steps to handle file operations such as copy, move and delete. These steps are useful for sequences polling XML or CSV files.
  • The SQL Connector now supports Microsoft Excel’s ODBC driver. This enables Convertigo to read and write Excel files.
  • Some mobile developers are much more confident with JQuery Mobile,  so we added to Convertigo Mobilizer a new JQuery Mobile based template by the side of the existing Sencha Touch template.

About convertigoems

Convertigo Enterprise Mashup Server (C-EMS) is the only platform in the world that can easily bridge legacy systems information with web applications and content, helping companies reuse their existing assets to build new and exciting WEB 2.0 composite applications for a fraction of the cost and time needed to complete software rewrites or traditional development.
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