Two-minute case study: M&A Forces Call Center Integration, Mashups to the Rescue

We’re trying something new.  Rather than take up a bunch of screen space with the usual white paper mumbo jumbo, we’re going a few case studies and boil them down to very short blog posts and then point you to additional links if you are interested in learning more.  Sound good?

Here goes:  we’re kicking off the series with an example of how a merger of two multibillion-dollar financial services companies forced two very large call centers to integrate their business operations.

Business Problem

Each of the merging companies had very successful call center operations, and received millions of customer calls per month. Post merger, the challenges included:

  • Agents were juggling twice the amount of technologies to serve both client bases
  • They used 30 different applications, from three different information systems
  • Average call response time was significantly increased
  • Complex tasks were nearly impossible to complete
  • Security policies had become a barrier to efficient performance across the disparate enterprise systems


As a result of these challenges, and the fact that budgets were tight, the financial services company decided put a modern front-end on its mission-critical legacy data sources, and integrate them as is.  Choosing with Convertigo and Adobe, the company developed a new call center application as an enterprise composite RIA, using Adobe Flex and LiveCycle Mosaic with Convertigo Legacy and Web Integrators in the middle.


Within months –not years — the IT department was able to roll out the new composite RIA providing the following benefits:

  • Inside of a single application, operators now have a complete view of customer profiles and can clearly identify which products and services fit the specific needs.
  • This unified user interface reduces operator training requirements and errors on the job.
  • Operators can handle more customer requests per day, with the ability to store work in progress, work on parallel requests and restart cases when necessary.
  • The new composite RIA provides a single sign-on to the customer, and manages and all internal user credentials, enforcing existing data governance policies and reducing security risks.
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About convertigoems

Convertigo Enterprise Mashup Server (C-EMS) is the only platform in the world that can easily bridge legacy systems information with web applications and content, helping companies reuse their existing assets to build new and exciting WEB 2.0 composite applications for a fraction of the cost and time needed to complete software rewrites or traditional development.
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