Book Review: Mashup Patterns by Ogrinz is still the best

Of all the books that we have read, Michael Ogrinz’s “Mashup Patterns:  Designs and Examples for the Modern Enterprise” remains the best at explaining enterprise mashups and composite applications and their solution to many business problems.  As an IT executive at Bank of America, and a leader among the NYC IT community, Ogrinz’s reputation as a reputable source for real world enterprise IT is well-earned.

The book offers business leaders and IT managers extensive insight to build successful enterprise mashups–learning what mistakes to avoid and understanding every stage of the mashup development lifecycle.

An customer review  by S.Cody, sums it up well, with a bit of flair: “While jive punks strut around the sidewalk of web 2.0, Ogrinz has met their challenge with an offering that leaves their pretensions in tatters. Drawing on the precedent set by the Gang of Four and attempted by many but effectively executed by few, Ogrinz takes the pattern approach to look at common business problems that can be addressed by mashup technology, categorizes them and presents for the user a simple dissection of the problem and its solution.”

About convertigoems

Convertigo Enterprise Mashup Server (C-EMS) is the only platform in the world that can easily bridge legacy systems information with web applications and content, helping companies reuse their existing assets to build new and exciting WEB 2.0 composite applications for a fraction of the cost and time needed to complete software rewrites or traditional development.
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