Announcing Convertigo 6.1 “Nitrogen”

We are proud to announce general availability of Convertigo 6.1 code named “Nitrogen”. Starting from version 6.0, when Convertigo introduced the first Open Source Enterprise class Mashup platform, all releases of Convertigo are now code named using gas molecules, symbolizing lightness, cloud and agility.

Having collected lots of feedback from our developer community, we decided to enhance the products on two major axis:

  • As mobility is now the most active field where Convertigo is used, thanks to its unique capabilities of exposing existing business applications on mobiles devices such as tablets and smartphones, we decided to add a strong support for JQuery Mobile user interfaces. Convertigo 6.0 already was supporting the Sencha Touch mobile framework, but now the mobile developer has even more choices. He will be able to choose one for our Mobile templates and to build the Mobile UI using Sencha Touch or JQuery mobile as he wishes, giving him a stronger flexibility.
  • We also noticed that Convertigo projects where now developed not by only one person but by complete teams! Thanks to the Eclipse environment on which Convertigo Studio is built, we were already supporting team features such as SVN or CVS integration, but this support wasn’t complete. One of the major enhancements we made in “Nitrogen” is to give developers the ability to use version control systems such as SVN on CVS even for core Convertigo objects. This helps teams to share, compare, merge and version control all their projects, resulting in building better and more efficient Mobile and Mashup applications.

We sincerely hope that Convertigo 6.1 will help you even better to built the best enterprise mobile applications and mashups.

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Convertigo Goes Open Source with Community Edition of C-EMS

Last week, when we introduced C-EMS 6.0, we chose to leave out an important new piece of news, because we felt it was worthy of it’s own announcement: we’re now offering of our core software integration platform as open source!

Now, within minutes and at no charge, developers can join our community, download Convertigo Community Edition, and start using one of the industry’s most powerful integration tool sets to solve enterprise integration problems for legacy, portal and mobile applications.

Moving our server to open source comes after two other big announcements made earlier this year:  participating the GateIn and eXo Platform communities.  The Convertigo Community Edition adds significant value to the development cycle by greatly reducing the time and effort it takes to create enterprise mashups, portals and mobile applications.

Convertigo Community Edition  is available now under an Affero GPL license.  In terms of governance, our R&D department and service team will moderate code contributors and product evolution in accordance with open source community expectations.

Enterprise-class Integration Tools

Community Edition is based on our proven integration technology which mixes and orchestrates data and processes coming from any enterprise or web application.  Today, more than 300 Convertigo customers design, publish and deploy next-generation application portals and mobile applications at a fraction of the time and resources it would take using traditional methods.  Main functionalities of Convertigo’s Community Edition include:

•    Connectors — for any SQL, REST, SOAP, RSS, ATOM or Microsoft Excel file;

•    Sequencer — combines, orchestrates and exposes new REST, SOAP or JSON services;

•    Gadgetizer — feed portals with services and widgets for Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle Web Center, IBM WebSphere portal or any open source portal;

•    Mobilizer — build and deploy cross-platform mobile native or web applications for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.

Convertigo Community Edition is the foundational tool set of C-EMS 6.0.  A feature comparison chart is available to help you decide which edition is best for your company.  If you have enterprise licensing and support requirements, and HTML and mainframe connectors, we also offer the following editions:

•    Convertigo Enterprise Edition — for on-premise deployments;

•    Convertigo Cloud Edition — for cloud deployments;

•    Convertigo Extended Edition — for global deployments.

Here is what Olivier, our CEO, says about Community Edition:  “We are excited contribute to an open source enterprise integration solution for global companies.  Developers can now test and prepare their business application mashups and mobile projects for free and with confidence.  This is a revolutionary approach to agile integration, which helps IT departments cope with limited budgets and staff resources, and growing project backlogs.”

Let us know what you have to say about our new release!

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Announcing Convertigo 6.0

We are proud to announce general availability of Convertigo 6.0, codename “Oxygen!”

One of the key themes for this major release is performance optimization.  Because enterprise integration projects are getting larger every day, we noticed that Convertigo Studio operations were taking more and more time for developers. With this version 6.0, project tasks such as loading and saving are 4 times faster than before, and copy/paste operations on branches can be up to 20 time faster.

Along the same theme of optimization, we decided to put Convertigo Studio on a “diet.” We noticed that the studio download and installation time was to high, which was caused in part by our documentation.  So in this new release, we extracted the documentation, which reduces the studio by 400MB in size.  But don’t panic — documentation is easily accessed on our Web site, thanks to the Eclipse Info Center remote help technology.

Along with these performance improvements we also added the following new features and enhancements:

  • Sequence input variables are now directly visible within the source picker, avoiding the need to use jElement steps to use them within the sequence.
  • A global proxy configuration for all projects within a Convertigo Server. This avoids complex proxy configurations and modification of the project’s property proxy settings if a project is deployed on a different Convertigo Server.
  • Convertigo Sequencer now has specific steps to handle file operations such as copy, move and delete. These steps are useful for sequences polling XML or CSV files.
  • The SQL Connector now supports Microsoft Excel’s ODBC driver. This enables Convertigo to read and write Excel files.
  • Some mobile developers are much more confident with JQuery Mobile,  so we added to Convertigo Mobilizer a new JQuery Mobile based template by the side of the existing Sencha Touch template.
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Convertigo Mobilizer uses PhoneGap Build APIs

One of the exciting features of Convertigo Moblizer is the ability to build cross platform  native applications on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. This features was made possible by integrating PhoneGap Build APIs in the Convertigo Server.

PhoneGap provides the ability to wrap any HTML5 based application in a native mobile application, and to leverage all mobile features such as sensors, camera, phonebooks etc.

Convertigo Mobilizer uses the cloud-based build service from PhoneGap. Any Convertigo Shared Cloud (free on our trial sever) user can deploy its project on the Convertigo Server and just click a button to build instantly the 5 platforms — iPhone3 iPhone4, iPad, Android and BlackBerry applications. Convertigo on-premises users can also benefit from this service, they just have to sign up an account on PhoneGap Build and to configure Convertigo to use this account.

With the combination of Convertigo and PhoneGap,  developers can now benefit a true mobile cross-platform  technology to build enterprise mobile applications connected to the back-office business applications.

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Introducing Convertigo Mobilizer — Available Now in C-EMS 5.5

This morning, we announced a mobile enterprise application integration platform called Convertigo Mobilizer, which makes back-end application and data integration with mobile devices up to 90% more efficient when compared to traditional point-to-point methods.

Convertigo Mobilizer is available with the new release of the Convertigo Enterprise Server version 5.5.  It’s never been easier to build innovative applications that connect rich enterprise information sources with the latest mobile phones and tablets with features such as GPS, camera, 4G, etc.

In a typical organization, mobile application integration needs quickly evolve from a simple scenario, such as connecting one device to one web data source, to a ‘many-device-to-many-asset’ integration scenario. And that’s when a painful back-end bottleneck occurs — developers are then faced with integrating various device platforms, security protocols, enterprise applications and data sources – many of which have no API.

Unlike most integration software platforms on the market today, Convertigo can instantly access (in read-and-write mode) any data and business logic from any enterprise data source or application. This means:
• There is no need to rewrite legacy applications to fit the modern infrastructure. They can be used as is, non-intrusively.
• The most valuable enterprise business logic assets can be reused instantly as well.
• Developers have immediate access to any enterprise information resource.
• New business logic and processing can be added to existing assets.
• All mobile development and back-end integration is done through a single integrated Eclipse-based IDE.

With these capabilities, projects that used to cost millions and take months or years now can be delivered at a fraction of that time and money.

Cross-platform Benefits for Developers

Mobile application development professionals are consistently amazed by the productivity gains made possible by Convertigo Mobilizer. They include:
• The ability to write applications in HTML5 JavaScript instead of complex languages and seamless connections to all enterprise back ends and web applications.
• Native application support for all major mobile operating systems — iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian.
• The ability to use and leverage industry standard development tools and open source mobile frameworks — Sencha Touch, jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap.
• Support for SQL, web services including SOAP, REST and JSON.
• Powerful server-based business logic assembly, and the ability to add existing business logic as needed.
• Convertigo does not hold any business logic in the mobile application; it stays on the Convertigo server. This ensures seamless reuse for different applications.

Convertigo Mobilizer is available now. For more information, visit our web site and download it today.

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Convertigo Announces CEM-S 5.4.3

Here’s a quick post to say that version  5.4.3  of  Convertigo Enterprise Mashup Server with updated documentation is now available.  Donwload now!

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • The ‘news’ window does not cover the trial window any longer.
  • Fixed PDF download issue if Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed.
  • “Fixed “HTTP 500 internal server error” when requesting an URL containing colon characters (‘:’) in its query string in SiteClipper”.
  • Fixed Javascript error in IE when trying to execute interactions between widgets involving SiteClipper.
  • You can find documentation in Convertigo Studio or documentation in the Convertigo Developer network.
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Convertigo Joins the JBoss GateIn Community

If you’ve been watching our blog, you probably heard about our partnership with eXo Platform.  As part of the partnership, we are also committing Convertigo products to the  GateIn community.

Here is what Jason Andersen, Director of Product Marketing for JBoss at Red Hat has to say:

“GateIn users will be able to build and customize their portal pages and dashboards unlike ever before. More specifically, the level of customization GateIn can provide to business users will change the way they work – from coding to assembling applications. This level of customization elevates GateIn beyond the realm of a portal and takes the community toward that of a more user-centric development platform.

We expect that Convertigo’s contributions will assist in driving the GateIn community forward and ultimately lead to enhanced feature inclusions within future commercial versions of Red Hat products. As we look at portals, mashups, and the user experience platforms of the future, Red Hat remains convinced that continued success will be through cooperative integration and standards. This is in contrast to proprietary vendors that have favored a single vendor viewpoint, limiting their potential for rapid innovation and growth.”

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